Monday, July 10, 2006

Lisa's Intro

Hello, it's me finally doing a blog! Not something I ever thought I'd want to do, but it does seem like a handy way to post news and comments about my hats, fiber art, craft fairs, etc., so I'm giving it a try.

I thought it might be useful for me to post some sort of schedule of where and when I'll be displaying my hats. Generally I set up a table with my spinning wheel on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley CA on weekends, where I do spinning demos and sell the hats. This is an open crafts market that was originally started by a group of crafts people in the late 60's. It's been a loosly organized ongoing crafts fair every since, where artists and crafts people can purchase a license from the City of Berkeley to display their work in a four block area of Telegraph just south of UC Campus. I've been setting up my spinning wheel there and displaying my hats off and on for a few years now. I also participate in other crafts fairs and farmer's markets from time to time.

So, my schedule for the next few weeks is as follows: I plan to be on Telegraph Ave. on July 15th and 16th and probably on the 22nd and 23rd as well. Not sure about the 29th and 30th just yet. I may be out of town. I do plan to be there every weekend in August, though. I generally set up somewhere between Haste and Channing Streets around 11 A.M. and stay until 5 P.M., though sometimes a bit later during the summer.

I also plan to use this blog to tell a little bit about how and where and why I make the hats, the materials I use, etc., along with whatever other info seems appropriate.

Comments are welcome, too, of course. I'd probably rather not hear about how much you hate the hats and how you can get a cheaper one at an imports store or Walmarts, but I guess if that's what you feel you need to "share" then by all means post it!

I won't be posting patterns because I don't have any. I make everything up as I go along, and even if I did figure out how to write down a pattern, it would never come out right using commercial yarns. I can recommend places to buy handspun yarns, though, and where to buy spinning fiber. I don't sell my yarn because it's really all I can do to just supply myself.

Questions are always welcome!

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