Friday, November 23, 2007

My latest extra fancy hat

Well, the freeform crochet hat got sold last week on Telegraph Ave. I kept telling people it wasn't for sale, then made the mistake of quoting a price I was reasonably sure would be more than anybody would want to pay. Big surprise! I had seller's regret for a while. The woman who got it looked really happy, though, so I guess it all worked out OK.

I don't know if I'll make any more, but in the meantime I spun some yarn that's a crazy mixture of wool, silk, mohair, malamute hair and angelina with beads and some lace spun in. Here's the hat I made with it. The back part has locks of fuchsia mohair swirling about. I really like the big turquoise bead. The gray part is plied with some silvery cord, which makes it look very sparkly.

Holiday Fair Schedule

I'm now signed up for four days in the Telegraph Ave. Holiday Street Fair. If it's not raining or too windy, I will be there on the following days:

Saturday, December 15th (Between Channing and Haste, west side, mid-block)

Sunday, December 16 (Probably on the sidewalk at the corner of Channing and Telegraph)

Friday, December 21 (Between Channing and Haste, west side mid-block)

Saturday, December 22 (Near the corner of Channing and Telegraph, west side)

Sunday, December 23 - Have not yet decided if I'll be there or not. Will wait and see how many hats I have left.