Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Skull Cap and Round Cap

These two hats are both skull caps, though I call the longer ones round caps to distinguish between the lengths of the hats.

This first one is a round cap because it covers most of the ears.  It's made from Corriedale, Suffolk and Merino wool.  The two tone effect is a result of the natural lanolin in the wool which causes the dye to be taken up in varying amounts.  This makes for a more textured look.  Fine for either gender, but probably a little bit too large for most children.  It's a medium large.

 This one has a bit more detail in the design and is a nice combination of earth tones.  It's a medium to medium large size and covers about half of the ears.  It's mostly wool (Romney, Corriedale, and Suffolk) with black silk and medium olive trim.  The darker olive is close to a brown.

Two Ski Caps

Ski caps are always popular, and these two are more replacements for hats sold around the holidays. I made the blue one to replace one that was very popular at the fair.  Folks were calling it the 'happy hat' so I figured I should probably replace it with another colorful hat.  The hat below has some of the same colors as the 'happy hat.'


This hat has some fun multi-colored yarn that I used around the edge and for the ties and tassel on top. Most of the hat is Corriedale and Suffolk wool with some fuzzier looking Samoyed hair that been dyed navy blue.

This one is once again, mostly Corriedale and Suffolk wool with a little grayish white fuzzy malamute hair around the top for texture.  Both ski caps are a size large. Not so bright colors on this one though.

Some New Hats

I've had some health issues, but feeling better now, so will be trying to catch up by posting some of the new hats I've made. These hats have been made to replace the sold ones on my website, so there are several styles pages that are represented. The first were the lumpy knits.  Some of those got sold at a holiday fair and got replaced by the three included in this post.

This one has a turned up brim that can also be worn turned down.  It's mostly Corriedale wool with lumpy sections in art yarn with mohair and wool mixed with various novelty fibers.  It's one size fits all and is thick spun, warm, soft and cozy.

This one is a little shorter than the one with the brim and slightly smaller.  The colors are similar but with less white.  This one would fit a small to medium and is also mostly Corriedale wool. The lumpy sections are constructed from art yarns made with various colors of wool with bits of novelty fiber and mohair added in.

This last one is made from Corriedale wool and some extra soft Merino wool blended with angora, most of which has been plied with thin metallic gold tread that has tiny gold leaves attached to it here and there.  These are hard to see in the photo, but there is one at the edge of the middle lumpy section towards the upper part of the hat.  There are more, but unfortunately they aren't visible.  The lumpy sections are made from Corriedale wool, mohair and some of the Merino.  The non lumpy sections are made from natural gray malamute hair, and the brim and top are more of the Merino with angora and gold thread.