Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Poodle hair blanket

I know it sounds weird, but it's actually quite pretty. A customer sent me a very big box of shavings from his camel colored poodle and asked me to make a small blanket with it. I've posted a couple of photos of the project on my facebook page, so thought I should put them up here, too. I don't usually do large projects like this, but am glad I took it on - a new challenge that seems to be turning out well.

I'm posting photos of the start of the blanket and how it looks now. It's about 20X30 inches now and will eventually be 3ft X 4ft., so I'm guessing I'm probably about half way done. The little ball of yarn in the first photo is some natural color tussah silk that I will be using to make a border to finish off the edges.

I don't usually spin skeins of pet hair for people unless they want something made out of it, and I do get some unusual requests! However, if you have some pet hair combings saved that you would like spun into yarn, my daughter might be able to do it. She loves to spin and dye all kinds of fiber and is working on a malamute hair order now.