Monday, July 13, 2015

Knit Hat

This hat is made from a blend of many different colors of wool with a tiny bit of blue metallic sparkle that is too subtle to show up in the photos. The tiny sparkles only show up in bright light or sunlight. The crocheted circle and the band around the edge are made from more of the same colors blended with a lot of black.  The band can also be turned up.

Ski Caps

Most people don't spend a lot of time thinking about ski caps in July, but this is my time for stocking up and taking custom orders.

This first ski cap is a new lumpy knit style that I like quite a lot.  It's made mostly from wool, with some llama wool, mohair and poodle hair.  Here are a couple of  different views.  The bead is painted glass.

This next ski cap was a custom order and is made from malamute hair.  The first photo on the display head shows a little more of the hat, and the second one was taken by the customer.  I love this photo.  So cute!


Some New Hats

Time to get this blog caught up!  I've made quite a few new hats, but haven't had much time for posting them here.  Back in May I made these two plant fiber skull caps. This first one is mostly linen dyed dark gray with some turquoise and red cotton. 

This second one is mostly cotton with some thin accent stripes in linen.  Both fit a medium large size adult.