Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some New Hats

I've been busy getting settled in my new/old home in the country.  Lot's of cleaning up to do, and lots of friends visiting.  I've managed to make a few new hats, though, so am finally getting around to posting them here.

This one is a sort of snood style floppy hat done in a mesh pattern.  It's made out of mostly linen with a bit of cotton in the flower.  Good for warm weather or for those who may be allergic to wool.  See more images at

I've also invented a new style of lumpy knit hat with a stitch I made up for the bobbles.  The yarns in this hat are not quite as bulky as some of my other lumpies.  It's a one size fits all with a slouchy, semi-tam look and plenty of room for big hair.  See more at

I've also just finished a modified version of my tassel fez hat that has a slightly wider top that curves under slightly a bit like a tam.  The original tassel fez hat looked like this and seemed to attract mostly male buyers - possibly because I pictured it on a male display head:

So I've photographed the new style on a female model.  This does not mean it's only for women though.  Either style is fine for either gender.


The top of these hats is made with two ply yarns that make it a bit thicker, which helps it hold it's shape very nicely.  The band is one ply natural color soft Romney wool and the beads are hand painted glass.  I didn't use any dyes in either of these hats, though a brighter colored one with dyed yarns would probably look very nice, too.  These hats can be found on my website at