Friday, June 17, 2011

Hemp Brimmed Hat

This extra large and beautiful brimmed hat was made by my daughter, Allie, entirely from hemp.  It was a custom order from a woman who lives in LA.  It's perfect for the usually sunny weather there, providing protection from the sun as well as great style.  The extra fancy flower really works well, and I'm sure this hat is getting lots of compliments.

You can find more of Allie's brimmed hats on her page at's_hats.htm.  She also has some very cute skull caps with and without flowers.

Big Custom Order

Being as how there is still snow in the mountains here in California, I recently received a custom order for a ski cap and large extra wide scarf to match.  I finished it a couple of days ago.  The scarf is 8 feet long counting the fringe and 9 inches wide.  The materials used were a variety of wools, with some alpaca, llama wool and wool/silk blend.  Big job, but I think it came out well.

And, believe it or not it is in the low 60's today in LA where I'm visiting my daughter and son in law, and it rained last nite!  I'm headed home to Ukiah next week where it's expected to be close to 100 though.