Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two Ski Caps

Ski caps are always popular, and these two are more replacements for hats sold around the holidays. I made the blue one to replace one that was very popular at the fair.  Folks were calling it the 'happy hat' so I figured I should probably replace it with another colorful hat.  The hat below has some of the same colors as the 'happy hat.'


This hat has some fun multi-colored yarn that I used around the edge and for the ties and tassel on top. Most of the hat is Corriedale and Suffolk wool with some fuzzier looking Samoyed hair that been dyed navy blue.

This one is once again, mostly Corriedale and Suffolk wool with a little grayish white fuzzy malamute hair around the top for texture.  Both ski caps are a size large. Not so bright colors on this one though.

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