Thursday, January 04, 2007

Getting Back to Normal

I'm still recovering from the holidays, but am finally starting to enjoy some relative normalcy. It was so freezing cold at the Holiday Street Fairs that I didn't get a chance to take many photos. It was all I could do to stay warm and deal with customers! Here I am bundled up in five layers including my most bulky warm ski jacket, two pairs of pants plus long johns, and of course my lumpy knit hat!

My friend, May, was out the day before when the weather was somewhat warmer, but she was pretty bundled up, too. And, yes, that's one of my lumpies she's wearing. She hand paints her baby tee shirts and draws on them free hand - something I could never do! Like many of us crafty types, she's a painter and shows in the Bay Area.

This is the customer who got the best hat deal of the day. Behind him are the booths across the street from my stand. The hat he's wearing is a lumpy knit stocking cap. I'd never tried to make one before, so since it was an experiment, I sold it for way less than I should have. It looks great, though, and he went home happy. Maybe I'll make some more if I get requests. There's an image of it still on the website that shows it with the stocking part folded over.

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Yarn a Day said...

Well, he is totally cute too, so I likely would have given him a discount...meow!