Friday, June 15, 2007

Been busy

Spring is a busy time for me. I've just returned from an exhausting few days of cutting the dry grass around my cabin out in the hills near Ukiah. As the weeds dry out, fire danger increases, and the cabin sits on a hillside completely surrounded by a sea of weeds. So I've been on weedeating duty with two family members working hard trying to get it all cut down. It's a huge job even for three people. Very hard work out in the hot sun. We got about a third of it done before two of the weedeaters needed a tune up. So I'm now back in my little room in Berkeley getting ready to go out on Telegraph Ave. tomorrow with my hats.

Being as how we don't really have seasons here, the hats are pretty popular year round. It can be warm in Berkeley and freezing cold in San Francisco due to the fog, which tends to stick around a lot during the summer. We also start getting a lot of tourists this time of year, so sales are doing well, and I've been trying to keep up with the hats while running back and forth up to the country dealing with cabin maintenance.

Here are a couple of my latest hats. The blue green one is a light weight skull cap made from plant fibers. The other one is yet another lumpy knit made from wool, silk and mohair. People still love the lumpies, so I try to keep a good supply.

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