Monday, July 18, 2011

Toy Poodle Hair Scarf

It's been a year now since the woman who ordered this scarf originally contacted me with her request.  I told her how much fiber it would take to make a good size scarf, and she said she would save it up.  I didn't hear back from her until a couple of weeks ago when a package arrived in the mail with a bag of poodle hair!  I had completely forgotten about it, since it had been so long, but luckily had saved her email.  After getting in touch with her and finding out exactly what she wanted, I made this scarf.

It's seven feet long counting the fringe and eight inches wide, and is knitted on #8 needles.  Very soft with little curls of  the hair showing here and there.  I purposely spun it that way in order to create a more interesting texture.  She loved it and sent me this photo of her dog wearing it!

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