Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Hat

I made a new cloche style hat today that I like.  Too late for Christmas but just fine for the New Year.  I decided as I was working on this hat that I would use unusual color combinations and fibers.  A good way to spark some creativity.

So I started the top with some pre-dyed Corriedale roving in a range of colors from orange to greenish brown.  Then I decided to accent this with some green tussah silk that I dyed sometime last year.  I had some dyed dark brown husky hair handy so added that for a bit of soft, fuzziness.  While I was in pet hair mode I grabbed some puce colored lumpy poodle hair followed by a thin stripe of dark green Suffolk wool and a couple of rows of natural medium brown Corriedale wool. Then I decided to get really interesting so made a row of some black Corriedale plied with novelty yarn in rosy red and silver.  That led to a wide stripe of rose colored Corriedale followed by another thin stripe of the green silk.  Then more of the natural brown, another thin stripe of dark green, some more orange and a wide stripe of another natural brown that I think might be Merino.  The edge ended up with green silk.  I finished it off with a rose type flower made from the same two ply wool and novelty fiber.  I'm not telling how I made the flower because it's just too silly.  But it looks great.

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