Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cute Baby Hat

Most people wouldn't think of making a baby hat out of dog hair.  Sounds awful - right?  Wrong.  Certain dog breeds yield some of the softest, nicest fiber you can find anywhere.  It looks like angora, which is Very Expensive, but is free for a minimal amount of effort.  Combing the clean hair during shedding - or anytime for that matter - and saving the combings is all that's needed.  Best breeds are samoyed, malamute, husky, akita, and probably more that I don't know about.  Poodle hair is really nice, too, but doesn't have the fuzzy halo characteristic of the other breeds.  Also poodle hair clippings can be used as long as they measure at least one and a half inches, while only combings will work for the others.  The poodle hair fiber comes out looking a bit like mohair.  So here is my latest hat made from husky hair.  It's incredibly soft, not to mention hecka cute!

The gray and white are the natural color of the fiber, and the pink is Corriedale wool spun and dyed by me.  The husky hair was more difficult to spin than some I've had in the past, but seems to have been worth the effort.  It's for a newborn, but I made it a bit larger since babies grow very fast.  This hat should fit very nicely by three months and last to about one year or longer.


Jeremy said...

That is an adorable baby hat. Looks like it would keep my baby girl nice and warm come winter time. Do you make these yourself?

lisa said...

I make most everything on the blog myself. I spin and dye the yarn then make hats and other items with the yarn. My daughter also spins and makes hats, and she has a page on my website called 'Allie's Hats' The link to my website is in the side panel of the blog, and it's

This hat was a custom order and was made out of the customer's husky hair combings. Dog hair makes great yarn, and is super soft. I soak it in baking soda, which takes out all the doggy smell. I actually patterned this hat after one that my daughter made, and I've been meaning to post it. I guess I'd better do that! Her's is also gray but is made out of more conventional fibers. It's very cute. I'll try to get it posted tomorrow.