Thursday, May 14, 2009

A purse and a snood

These were two birthday presents that I gave my daughter a couple of weeks ago while she and her husband were up from LA for a few days.

I'm calling the hat a snood because it sort of looks like one, though it could also be called a well-ventilated beret or tam. It's made from white linen which I spun from bleached flax that had been prepared for spinning, but was not overly processed, so the yarn had quite a lot of texture. It's roomy enough for stuffing a big lot of hair so is quite slouchy when not stuffed. It looks great on her, and I'm hoping to get a photo of her wearing it soon. I made a similar one out of hemp to sell and posted it on my website on the Spring and Summer Hats page.

The purse is made from various lumpy yarns that have been woven into a mesh of loosely knitted linen. I used wool, mohair locks, and some llama wool. The button is vintage leather and came out of my grandmother's button box, which is my very best source of fabulous buttons. It's lined with sturdy cotton fabric, and the shoulder strap is crocheted.

I made a big double decker carrot cake for the occasion with some incredibly rich cream cheese frosting. Very moist and yummy. Ice cream, too, of course. No big party - just a small family gathering at the old homestead. We had a wonderful time, and I gained three pounds!

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