Friday, January 15, 2010

Allie's Hats

This is my daughter, Alexis, at her spinning wheel. She's been helping me out with some of the spinning for my hats and is now making some of her own. She's very good at making lumpy yarn and especially enjoys experimenting with hand painting and various other dye techniques. She likes to make kids' hats, so has decided to make that her specialty. I'm posting some of them here and will be putting up a page on my website for her soon. I don't make a lot of kids' hats, so this will be a nice addition to the site.

This one fits a nine or ten year old up to a smallish medium size adult. It's spun bulky using Corriedale wool roving and is crocheted. She's made some nice knit ones, too, but I don't have photos of those yet.

The white stripes in this hat are malamute hair, which makes for a nice variation in texture. Allie has a Persian cat, so she may be finding ways to use that, too. This one is about the same size as the blue and orange one above and the yarn thickness is about the same, too. I like the green sunglasses! Definitely a good choice with this hat.

I like the turned up brim on this one black and gray one, too. It's a bit smaller than the other two, but would still fit a child up to small adult size. It's made from undyed gray Jacob wool and dyed Corriedale wool. The yarns for this hat are finer spun, but still bulkier than a worsted weight.

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