Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Extra Fancy New Hat

I put this one together up in my cabin in the Mendocino County hills. Maybe a result of cabin fever? It was the first rainy day of the season, and I had a nice fire going in the wood heater. It's pretty much necessary to stay right in front of that heater to stay warm there because the rest of the house tends to be cold and drafty. So that's where I stayed for most of the day. In my opinion, there's nothing nicer than a wood fire, a cup of tea, and a pile of outrageous yarn to work with!

I do like how this hat came out, too. It's got a little bit of everything - kid mohair curls, coils with blends of all kinds of fibers, a sprinkling of angelina for a bit of added sparkle, a glass bead on the tassel in back, and feathers! The blue is a bit more muted and grayish than the photo shows, though.

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