Monday, September 07, 2009

New Style Big Flower Hats

I've been kind of busy this summer. I had to find a new place to stay in Berkeley, which took about six weeks. Meanwhile my daughter and her husband were getting our spring and water system upgraded at our place in Ukiah. This was a really big job, and I wanted to be around for as much of it as I could. So I was running back and forth between Berkeley and Ukiah all summer. Not much time for hatting.

However, somehow or other in the midst of all the chaos I managed to come up with a new hat style. Got the old energy moving I guess. Anyhow, here are two examples. Both are on my website and are now sold, but I will probably make more at some point. They are both made out of lighter weight plant fibers and silk, so were intended for warmer weather.

The first one was fairly close fitting and made out of teal green organic cotton with a linen band and flower center and gold tussah silk flower border.

The next one was bigger and more slouchy. The body of the hat was made out of the same home grown flax as the brimmed hat in the next post, and the flower had a dark green linen center and gold tussah silk border similar to the first hat. These hats are quite labor intensive even though they are well ventilated with an open stitch pattern. I'm now considering making some wool and or silk ones geared more for dressy winter wear. No telling what the idea fairy may bring. She does keep me busy though!

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