Thursday, June 04, 2009

Linen Brimmed Hat

I recently found a fellow online who sells his own home grown hand retted flax fiber for spinning. He has both the unprocessed loose fiber and some roving. I thought the less processed might work as a replacement for the raw hemp that I'm now all out of. If anyone knows where I can get some more, please email me!

Anyhow, I tried making a sort of straw hat style out of the new flax fiber, but it was too limp for the brim to hold it's shape. So then I tried spinning the fiber extra thin and then plying it. I got a nice two-ply yarn, which I used to make this cute short brim linen hat with a silk flower. The two-ply gives just enough stiffness for the brim to hold it's shape nicely and still be pliant enough to be able to tip and flip it in various ways. Definitely a fun hat! The fiber is rough enough to provide a nice straw hat looking texture, but not at all scratchy because it's actually quite soft. I may decide to keep it myself, but for now it's for sale on my website at (I guess I now have to say "was." It got sold today (6/6), but I will make another similar one soon, and I can also take custom orders with choice of color for the flower. I may make different types of flowers, too.)


Unknown said...

I just stopped to say hello to you!
Great blog - Very well done, very professional looking.
My mother would have loved your hats. She loved hand made everything.
Me not so crazy about hats - more a verbose type :)

linda said...

hi lisa
nice textures. many thanks for stopping in to say hi, too!

Unknown said...

how would you like to sell your hats at

I really like your style.

feel free to contact me.