Wednesday, February 06, 2013

New Hats

I've made quite a few new hats since I last had time to update this blog.  The holidays kept me pretty busy, though I didn't participate in any fairs.  Instead my daughter and I took our hats out to the local Farmers Market.  I sold out of ski caps, so have made a couple of replacements for my website.  This one with the multi-color top and long tassel was one of my favorites and the first to get sold.


Another was a nice combination of rusty reds and browns, but it got sold before I could get photos.  So I made a new one in similar colors.  The top of this one is multi-color around the top also, but in a more subtle combination of earthy shades.  The section that looks olive green is actually more brownish.  This hat is now up on the website.

I hadn't made any ski caps in bright colors lately, so I tried using some colors that ordinarily would probably not be considered likely to go well together.  This is a sort of game I like to play sometimes - take a pile of yarns that are all different colors and make them work together somehow.  I've also used a variety of textures here, including some bright blue dyed samoyed hair.   The ties are braided rather than crocheted.  Something I've been wanting to try out.  See close up photo below.


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